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    CSL 018 - 10 Simple Tips to Improve Your Church Facebook Page

    What You'll LearnConfused how to use your church Facebook page to engage and equip your church members? Unsure how to use Facebook to drive traffic to your church website? Your Facebook page is one of the top platforms to drive traffic to your church website and should be a key piece of your digital communications.
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    CSL 016 - Top 5 Ways to Prepare Your Church for Christmas

    What You'll LearnIs your church ready for the holidays? Are you overwhelmed thinking through all you need to do to prepare your church communications for Christmas? It’s not too soon to prepare for the holidays! Tune into ChurchSpring Live, Episode 016 for the top five ways you can effectively prepare your church for Christmas.
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    CSL 009 - How can I save time and grow my church by repurposing content for my church website?

    Welcome to ChurchSpring Live, Episode 009!What You'll LearnAre you stuck trying to think up new content ideas for your church website and social media? Overwhelmed with trying to serve your members beyond Sunday? Did you know your church is already a hub of content creation?
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    CSL 007 - How can I use Social Media to Grow my Church? Tips and Strategies to Manage your Church’s Social Presence.

    Welcome to ChurchSpring Live, Episode 007!What You'll LearnAre you successfully using social media to grow your church? Overwhelmed with how to use social media to communicate to your church members?  
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    CSL 001 - The Ultimate Checklist to an Effective Church Website

    Welcome to ChurchSpring Live, Episode 001!Join Rohn and Isabelle as we introduce the ultimate checklist for an effective church website. Plus, learn how you can add contact forms and create short URLs.
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    7 Tips to Effectively Use Instagram for Your Church

    Instagram is becoming more and more popular to showcase and celebrate life’s small and big moments. Ministries can optimize their Instagram account to effectively communicate to their followers and church members, plus grow their church body. It’s a win-win.
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    How to Use Social Media to Increase Church Communications

    Social media for your church should be an extension of your ministry; another branch of your welcome committee, community outreach, volunteer team, and prayer warriors. Church communication on social media can be done eloquently and thoughtfully.
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    4 time-saving tips for your church social media

    Social media is an incredible tool to bring visitors to your church and increase communication with your congregation. Yet, it can also be a time-consuming task as you juggle various other ministry responsibilities.
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    6 Steps to Create a Church Social Media Strategy

    Just like you wouldn’t start a road trip without plugging in your coordinates, you shouldn’t set out on your church social media outreach before making a strategy. It can feel overwhelming and too technical to create a strategy, but following six steps will give you the building blocks you need. Ready? Let’s go!
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    5 reasons your church should be on social media

    With church attendance at a decline and social media activity skyrocketing, your next growth, outreach, and communications strategy is right in front of your face. Literally. Your next step as a church is to get online, or more specifically, social media.
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    How to use social media for your church

    Social media is not just for big corporations and businesses. Churches, both small and large, can use social media to interact with their local community, grow their church, and communicate with their members.
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