We're on a Mission

We're on a Mission

ChurchSpring is a company passionate about discipleship and committed to growing the local church for the glory of Christ. The Great Commission is our mission. We believe that we can utilize technology to aid in that mission, and church software is only the beginning of our goal to equip the church. 

We’re a tech company that’s not obsessed with technology.

Instead, we want our software to redirect people back to God’s Word, a rich prayer life, and deep-faith communities. We believe God has given us the ability to build tech that assists the church and ultimately points the church back to God.

How It Started

ChurchSpring’s history is rooted in God’s faithfulness and a desire to serve the Lord.

Three founders from all over the world launched ChurchSpring in rural midwest Iowa in 2012 after over a year of working multiple jobs, early Saturday mornings of development, and a whole lotta coffee.

God placed the seed of serving the church in Rohn Gibson and Mike Kurle’s hearts years before ChurchSpring was born. Both now co-founders had experience working at marketing agencies and serving the church in multiple capacities. But it wasn’t until God brought them together at the same Christian school curriculum company, that they met and shared their mutual desire to change the church website software industry to point people to Christ.

ChurchSpring’s mission has always been and will always be to provide the church with tools to build the work of ministry. Discipleship is at the core of ChurchSpring, and every tool that we created from day one meeting in living rooms and dreaming up on hiking trails has been to equip the church to reach, teach, and send.

From being told that they were crazy for wanting to start a company without investors to launching a software company without any experience, the ChurchSpring founders have trusted in God’s faithfulness.

As a 100% private company with zero debt, God has proven his faithfulness every day as our founders have pursued their desire to love and support the church through ChurchSpring. 

Who we are in numbers


ChurchSpring was officially founded in 2012 in rural northwest Iowa after many early mornings of development and trusting God.


We're a small but mighty group of 13 team members spread across the globe serving God, loving others, and equipping the body of Christ.


Funny memes are constantly flying around our Slack channels. 15 memes is the unofficial count of how many times we send a meme per day.


ChurchSpring runs on geekery, approximately 9,490 jet-fuel cups of coffee a year, and a deep desire to live out the Great Commission.

Our Approach

Built with nerdery and a passion to spread God’s Truth. 

If you’re not a nerd like us, church websites and communicate tools may seem as boring as fat-free mayonnaise. But can we share a secret with you? Your church website and technology act as a gateway to discipling your church body and reaching your community. ChurchSpring and our team of talented men and women have been uniquely poised to serve the body of Christ with our gifts and talents to create technology that redirects people back to God.

A software that’s laser-focused on the Commission.

In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus calls the Church to be a part of his great redemptive plan. In this Great Commission, He calls us to reach, teach, and send. This call isn’t just for pastors; it’s for all believers. As Christ’s disciples, these three components should be a daily reflection in our lives. Reach, Teach, and Send are the pillars of every product and feature that we develop at ChurchSpring so churches can stay focused on the Commission and not get bogged down with confusing code and jargon.

Our mission is to provide the church with the tools it needs to bring people into community to walk, sharpen, encourage, and point each other to Christ.

Created by the church for the church.

We are right here in the trenches with you—we volunteer in our churches, preach from the pulpit, brainstorm how to increase communication, and yes, occasionally whip up a mouthwatering dessert for potlucks. Every new feature and product is directed by our customers. We listen to what churches need to meet their objectives and make it happen. We leave our egos at the door to see the local and global church grow and thrive. 

Commitment & Values

Exalt Christ

Phil. 2:9-11; Rev. 19:16; 1 Peter 3:22, Rom. 11:36

We strive to magnify Christ above all else. He is to be exalted above all rulers and authorities. We believe there is no other worthy of our devotion and worship.

Love One Another

John 13:34; 1 John 4:7, 11, 21; 2 Cor. 5:14-15

We exalt Christ as Lord of all by loving one another. Motived by the Love of God, we pursue the lost and proclaim the kingdom. In the same way that the Father loved us by sending his Son, we are called to love each other in the same manner.

Heart of Service

Matt. 20:28; Col. 1:28-29; John 11:52; Matt. 16:18-19

We are committed to having a posture of service and give our time, talent, and treasure to serve others. Because Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, we will experience victory in service.


Prov. 10:9; Prov. 11:3; Matt. 5:37

Jesus was full of grace and truth. Therefore, we are to extend grace and truth to others. We stand by our word and are obligated to mean every "yes" or "no" that comes out of our mouths. Integrity leads to stability and trustworthiness.

Grace Saturated

Eph. 4:29

We have no basis to boast about anything we have for everything is a gift of God's grace. Therefore, everything we do and say must be saturated with grace to build others up in Christ.

Gospel Centered

2 Cor. 2:15-17

When we reflect Christ's love on earth, we not only proclaim the Gospel but also participate in displaying the Gospel as a light to the nations. As followers, we are the aroma of Christ to God among those being saved.

Trusted By


Rohn Gibson

Rohn is committed to the Lord and doing His work. He has dedicated his life to Christ and spreading the truth of God’s love. Rohn has served as an executive at several large ministry and faith-based organizations and has been blessed to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of families around the world. Rohn is a follower of Christ, family-man, avid reader and enjoys soccer, college football, family barbeques, and good southern sweet tea. He is married with three daughters, and lives in northwest Iowa.

Mike Kurle

Mike has been immersed in the creative world since his early years. Whether it be cartoons, paintings, or ideas scribbled on his schoolwork, he has left a diverse portfolio in his wake. He went to Cal State Fullerton where he studied Communication Arts and Animation. God has placed a passion in Mike's heart for discipleship and it is evident in his daily life. If you spend a day with Mike you will likely hear him preach about the goodness of God, the effectiveness of the Flowbee haircutting system, and his love for his wife and 5 kids.

Jen Hockema

Customer Success Lead
Jen brings with her a love for helping others and local church ministry experience. As a mom of three, answering questions and giving support has been a part of her life for the last 25+ years. Alongside her husband, Randy, Jen enjoys serving others in the body of Christ and is actively involved in her church. In her new “empty-nest” phase of life, Jen loves to bike the local trails, try new restaurants, and (of course) visit her kids whenever she can.

Scott the Chinchillacorn

ChurchSpring Mascot
After a hard day's work there is nothing like saddling up our trusty Chinchillacorn (1/3 unicorn, 2/3 chinchilla, and 1 tablespoon dried onion shards) and exploring the prairie. Scott likes being combed through roughly and hand-fed Peeps™ Not everybody is entirely sure where Scott came from or how he came to be ChurchSpring's unofficial mascot, but he is welcomed with open arms by all. If you see Scott around be sure to give him a tiny little fist bump and a nibble on whatever snack you're carrying around.


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