The ultimate email and text church software.

Increase member engagement with unified messaging. Send emails or texts (coming soon) to keep your fellowship in the loop and engage with visitors. ChurchSpring’s easy-to-use email and text church software makes it uncomplicated for anybody to effortlessly send and schedule a message.

Top Features & Benefits​

Fast Setup + $0 Fees

Launch in 90 seconds flat with no setup fees.


Send and schedule easy-to-create emails to your church.


Send and schedule text messages (coming soon).

Fully Integrated

Instant integration with all of ChurchSpring's growth tools.

Event Promotion

Notify your members of upcoming events.

Grow Church

Message visitors to encourage them to attend a service.

Increase Member Engagement

Keep your members up-to-date.

Built-In Editor

Inline updating designed for the most seasoned church volunteer.

Trusted By

: 240
$ 180

Fast Setup + No Setup Fees

Launch Speedy Fast For No Extra Cost

Instantly set up messaging free of charge. You don’t have to worry about any hidden add-on fees. Created for both newbies and novice tech levels.

Grow Your Church + Engagement

Never Again Hear, "I Didn't Know About That!"

Increase member and visitor engagement with easy-to-use email and mass text messaging. Keep members in-the-loop on the latest happenings and invite visitors to connect with your church.

Email + Text

The Best Email + Text Messaging Tool For Churches

Repetition is key in communication! Send both an individual email and text message to your fellowship. Schedule messages and view the history of campaigns in one central location.

It's special, but don't take our word for it!

See why churches all over the nation love ChurchSpring’s Email and Text Church Software.

Fully Integrated

Schedule Bulk Messages In One Location

With full integration to Groups and the member directory, church leaders can quickly send messages to specific groups without exporting and important emails and phone numbers. Manage email and text messages in one central location to save time. 

Built-In Editor

So Easy You'll Feel Like a Developer

Never again feel frustrated by your lack of knowledge trying to send out an email or text. Messaging’s built-in editor is so easy, you’ll feel like a pro! Easily add text, links, format copy, and more.

More Features

$0 cost to set up Messaging.

Ready to go in 90 seconds flat.

Messaging comes instantly with your Flourish plan for $0 cost.

Send, schedule, view history of email messages.

Send and schedule text messages to remind members about important happenings.

Don’t ever  again hear, “I didn’t know about that event!” Reach people with the right communication tool for them.

Keep your members up-to-date with email and text messaging for the church.

Instant integration with all of ChurchSpring’s growth tools.

Login in one place to access all you need to communicate to and manage your members. No more 3rd party platforms!

Add as many administrators needed to manage messaging.

Notify your members about upcoming events and church happenings.

Inline updating designed for the most seasoned church volunteer. No coding knowledge needed!

Send messages to groups, members, visitors, and create your own custom lists.

Grow your list with email and text message signup available on your website. 

Segment your list to send specific messages to the right audience. 

ChurchSpring’s Groups is directly integrated, so you can easily send messages to members of a group.

Save time by working ahead to schedule email and text messages.

View campaign history and see previous email and text messages. 

Add a custom sender to personalize messages.

Easily add text, hyperlinks, font formats, lists, and more in the Built-In Editor.

Members can reply to messages to get in touch with leadership.

Not ready to send an email? Not problem! Save an email as a draft to send later.

Easy-to-use and created for members of all tech levels to send email and text messages to the church.

Don’t worry about your messages getting hacked. All ChurchSpring tools are highly secure and encrypted, so you can sleep worry-free.

Never be lost in the dark. Send unlimited support requests, get full access to human support, and gain confidence with a knowledge library.

Created specifically for the church by the church to meet ministry’s specific messaging needs.

Log in from anywhere at any time.

No need to pay for a separate email platform and yet another text messaging tool! Messaging lives in one location with all your ChurchSpring tools to help you save money and time.

Common Questions

Messaging is included in our Flourish Plan. You can compare ChurchSpring plans here.

You sure can! Send and schedule email and text messaging to custom lists and groups. Text messaging is coming soon and will be included free in your plan.

Nope! Messaging automatically pulls contact information from ChurchSpring Groups and People, so you’ll never have to update your lists again!

You bet! With just a click of your mouse, you can change the From name of the message to add personalization.

Of course! Our Customer Support Specialists are here for you. While we are fully confident you will be able to easily manage Messaging, we have an amazing team, a full knowledge library, and live trainings ready to help you get unstuck.

No way! Save time and decrease your online tool usage with one login to manage your email and text messaging. All of ChurchSpring’s growth + communication tools are located in one central location.

Great question! You can send a message to 2,500 people per month for free. If you need more, you can choose from one of the low-cost plans below that better fits your ministry’s needs:

  • 5,000 messages per month, $10/month
  • 10,000 messages per month, $20/month
  • 20,000 messages per month, $30/month

Oh, no! We wouldn’t do that to you. You’ll feel like a pro with our built-in editor—no coding needed. Easily add text, update hyperlinks, format text, and creates lists just like you would in a Word or Google Document.

Start growing your ministry!

Church Website Optimizer

Grow your ministry with an effective All-in-One Training that is sure to optimize your website. 

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