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    4 Powerful Tips to Grow Your Church with Facebook Ads - CSL 021

    What You'll LearnEver been curious about how you can use Facebook ads to grow your church? Unsure how to even start a Facebook advertising campaign? With over 80% of Americans on Facebook, the social platform offers a powerful opportunity to reach your community and invite guests to your church.
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    CSL 018 - 10 Simple Tips to Improve Your Church Facebook Page

    What You'll LearnConfused how to use your church Facebook page to engage and equip your church members? Unsure how to use Facebook to drive traffic to your church website? Your Facebook page is one of the top platforms to drive traffic to your church website and should be a key piece of your digital communications.
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    CSL 007 - How can I use Social Media to Grow my Church? Tips and Strategies to Manage your Church’s Social Presence.

    Welcome to ChurchSpring Live, Episode 007!What You'll LearnAre you successfully using social media to grow your church? Overwhelmed with how to use social media to communicate to your church members?  
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    How to Live Stream Your Church Service for Free (in Less Than 60 Seconds)

    Live streaming your church’s services, events, or teaching can feel daunting. What if you don’t know anything about video cameras?What you aren’t a social media guru?What if you’d rather leave the tech stuff to someone else—but there is no one else?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
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    5 reasons your church should be on social media

    With church attendance at a decline and social media activity skyrocketing, your next growth, outreach, and communications strategy is right in front of your face. Literally. Your next step as a church is to get online, or more specifically, social media.
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