Update: 5 New Font Sets for Your Church Website

Because first impressions count, ChurchSpring is excited to add five new font sets to our constantly growing design center options. Why does this matter? Five new font sets means five new opportunities to communicate who you are as a church ministry. [truncate]All of our font sets are chosen for you with the following purposes in mind: design, readability, and relevance.


Serving a God of order and beauty means that your website’s design and structure should reflect that. No church wants a visitor to be turned-off by their welcome page because the font design and alignment was distracting from the site content. Our ChurchSpring team has worked diligently to create sets of fonts that add to the orderly design of your page.


Have you ever had a problem reading text on a website, especially on your mobile device? The type of font matters for your ease of reading. If a visitor to your website is having difficulty wrestling with the font design, they may just move-on and not read any further. They may miss out on what they were looking for all because the font was annoying to read. Your content is important! Your font should convey that importance to your reader.


Did you ever show-up at a party or special event dressed inappropriately? Maybe it was a formal garden wedding that you assumed was an outdoor flip-flop & shorts event. It’s awkward – we know. Consider your font as the “outfit” for your website. Is the font you have chosen appropriate for your style of ministry? Our ChurchSpring designer considers relevancy to church ministry when he decides upon each font set.

Beautiful color may set the visual tone for your website, but the right font can send a strong impression to the reader. Take a look at how the exact same text has a different feeling depending on the font style that is chosen:

Without even trying, you may have heard a different tone of voice in your head for each font style. Font sends its loud message in your quiet subconscious. The wrong font may send the wrong message.

The ChurchSpring team desires to help you in your important role of serving Christ. Sending the proper message to your website visitors that represents your ministry is important to you – – and to us! What does your font say about you? Make sure your website communicates the right impression!

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