Update: 5 New Color Palettes for Your Church Website

If color speaks louder than words, then our ChurchSpring design center just cheered! The ChurchSpring team is excited to announce that FIVE new color palettes have been added to your website design center. [truncate]

The new, additional color palettes will give you more options to allow your website to accurately reflect who you are as a church body. The beauty of colors that complement each other is ready for your immediate use – – no need to stress over a crash course in design school!

5 New Color Palettes

Whether your church has already set their ministry brand color palette, or you are still searching for that perfect color combination, the beautiful color palettes in your design center will bring more life to your currently sharp website!

Play with a new color palette this week, and let us know what you think! That’s it for now, but there are more exciting features to come. Stay tuned for future updates!

The ChurchSpring Team

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