Meet Light! A Beautiful, Mobile-Friendly Church Website Design

Are you ready for a new look for Easter? Meet Light! A new, handcrafted church website design from ChurchSpring.

Our designers are constantly working to create innovative, original compositions from which you can choose your website design. Because of their diligence, we are pleased to introduce the newest addition to our church website design gallery: Light! [truncate]

The word “Light” says it all! This design conveys a welcoming and warm feeling to your website guests and church members. Light has a traditional look with some modern touches – beautiful, earth tones that give it an established look, and paint brush strokes that give it a current edge.

All of our church website designs have a unique feel so that you can adapt them to accurately reflect your church ministry. Light works well with the current font sets and color palettes in the design center.

Being able to change your fonts and colors (in just a few seconds) allows your website to take on a whole different personality – trending towards a modern or a more traditional look. If you are not aware of how our design center functions, feel free to read one of our earlier blogs posts:



As with all our designs, the Light church website design contains all the features you need to set-up your church website including:

  • Home Page
  • Home Page Sliders
  • Sub Pages
  • Blog
  • Events Page
  • Contact Page
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multiple Page Formats
  • Premium Slider Templates
  • And Much More!

There’s so much thought wrapped into our new Light design. Our goal is that the Light church website design will be another benefit to you as you use the ChurchSpring platform to share the Light of Life.

“For with you is the fountain of life; in your light do we see light.”

Psalm 36:9 ESV

Not a ChurchSpring platform user? Still dealing with a website that causes you pain and frustration? Click here and watch our demo to learn how ChurchSpring can ease your pain, and allow you to spend your time on what matters most!

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