Introducing Blocks! An Easy—and Fun—Way to Customize your Church Website

Can Fun and Church Website even exist in the same sentence? Yes!

Here at ChurchSpring, we passionately believe that managing your church website can be easy and stress-free with a splash of fun thrown in.[truncate]

And our newest feature is a handful of virtual colorful sprinkles added to our long-list of church website tools that makes ChurchSpring the easiest website builder you’ve ever used. *Drum roll, please…* Introducing Blocks! This fancy new feature gives you the ability to add new templated sections to any page on your website. [truncate]

While each ChurchSpring site comes with ready-to-go templated Page Styles, users now have the option to add new Blocks on a page to highlight events, integrate sermons, or include an easy way to add an image. Start with a Blank Template and build your own Page Style with unlimited templated Blocks or start with a Templated Page Style and add a Block or two to complete your vision!

Save Time with 10 Ready-to-Go Templates

In just two clicks, add any of ten stunning Blocks to fit your page needs! Want to add a Contact Form on your Welcome page? Done. Or what about highlighting sermons on your Resources page? You got it! Build a unique page with the ease of ChurchSprings’ editing engine and the customization of your own creativity.

Unlimited Number of Blocks

Call us crazy, but there’s n o limit to the number of blocks you can add to your church website page! Yup, you can add Blocks to your heart’s desire! Create a page on your website that reflects your actual needs. Add a Sermons Block, Contact Form, Centered Text Block, Right Image, and…you get the idea. Every Block is customized for different devices, such as mobile or desktop, saving you even more time so you can get back to serving your church body.

Bring your Background to Life with Video

Add a video to any of your Block backgrounds to add movement and personalization to your site! A beautiful video of waving autumn leaves will set the scene for a Block announcing your seasonal events or upload a video background of your worship service inviting new visitors to attend your church.

Complete Control of Block Visibility

Save time building your church website with the ability to hide a Block until you’re ready to go live! Each Block has an easy-to-use Hide feature to help you create content ahead of time while you’re still waiting for content, approval, or a specific time. While the Block is hidden from website visitors, website admins can still edit hidden Blocks. In just one click, the Block can easily become visible to the public!

Customize your website with Blocks. Sign up for a 7-day trial.

Ready to see how easy—and yes, fun!—church website management really can be with ChurchSpring? Sign up for a free 7-day trial today. No hidden fees. No contract. We can’t guarantee, though, that you won’t become obsessed with the Blocks feature. It’s that awesome. Sign up today to start your free trial.

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