Here’s a Bright, New, Church Website Design For You (and, of course, Mobile-Friendly!)

If I had to choose three words that best describe our newest ChurchSpring website design, they would be bright, cheerful, and energizing.[truncate]In fact, these are probably some of the very same words (among others) that you would want spoken about your church body by a guest!

Because your church website is the first introduction of who you are, you want to be accurately represented to every website guest. The design of your website speaks volumes about your church family. This is why our ChurchSpring design team works so hard to create a variety of website designs for you!

“Covenant” is our newest website design and was made to be a cheerful welcome to any website guest. The initial colors of the background are shades of orange, green and yellow, but they take a jump to blue as you scroll down the homepage. The blending of the colors has an abstract and free-flowing feel that gives a certain energy to the page.

It may be the bright colors that first catch your eye, but it is the video behind the color overlay that keeps your attention! The default video background running behind the overlay colors can be anything you choose! By uploading your own, you can run a video of the outside of your church building, or even a church program. The possibilities are endless!

Looking at the home page, the simple white font style of “Covenant” is a perfect match for the colorful background. Sliders on this page can vary in design… from a clean, bold statement line, to a short text and inset picture that promotes a program in your church.

As you already know, all of our ChurchSpring designs contain every feature you need to set-up your stunning, church website. These features include:

  • Home Page
  • Home Page Sliders
  • Sub Pages
  • Blog
  • Events Page
  • Sermon Loading
  • Contact Page
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multiple Page Formats
  • Premium Slider Templates
  • And More! Check-out these great features!

Covenant can be seen without changing your website! Take a look here to see Covenant in action! You can also look at Covenant for yourself in the settings of your ChurchSpring website? Bright, cheerful, and energizing might just be the new look for your church website!

Have you been reading about our product updates, but you’re still not a ChurchSpring user? There’s no need to deal with a website that causes you pain and frustration.

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