Want to Know Why Working at ChurchSpring Is So Amazing?

Our team is made up of some of the most talented and passionate people on the globe. We're known for our passion for the church, commitment to grow the body of Christ, and love for others.

Our Mission

Founded by a love for the church and a lot of light-night, coffee-driven brainstorming sessions, ChurchSpring’s mission is to equip churches with the tools, confidence, and knowledge they need to love their members and community. 

We’re a tech company who’s not all about technology. Instead, we want to create software that is a redirect back into God’s word, prayer, and deep-faith communities.

The Great Commission is our mission, so you don’t have to hide your faith at ChurchSpring. Instead, you can live out your faith in every aspect. Every team member uses their gifts and talents to further the kingdom of God.

Our People

We’re a team that loves Jesus, finds joy in what we do, and thrives on our ability to make an impact for Christ. We’re known to sprinkle in a little fun and celebration in everything we do from virtual birthday parties to funny memes shared on Slack. You will have the opportunity to grow your gifts and explore your interests in a life-giving, positive environment.

ChurchSpring is 100% remote with team members all over the world. We’re a community of people who spend time laughing together, praying for each other, and delivering top-notch work.

Our team is uniquely skilled in business, software, marketing, entrepreneurship, project management, product development, and design. And each one of us deeply desires to see the local and global church grow and thrive. 

Our Culture

We are the opposite of corporate America with our laid-back work environment, freedom to complete your work without micromanagement, and structured unstructured workplace. You’ll have fun, share prayer requests and praises, and leverage your interests for God.

We’re obsessed by innovative ideas, asking good questions, showing extreme ownership, and servant leadership. We move quickly and are not afraid to fail forward. We’re known for viewing roadblocks as simply an obstacle on the road, showing tenacity in all areas, and caring for other team members with Christ-like love.

See why our team loves working at ChurchSpring!

We can’t make this stuff up. Check out why people love working here.

The ChurchSpring Perks


From health challenges, swapping healthy recipes around the Slack channel, to equipping you with the tools you need to live a healthy life, you'll receive health and wellness perks.


Having fun is in our DNA. We love celebrating our team members' successes. You'll be recognized for your hard work and will have lots of fun along the way. From virtual parties to team challenges, you'll never be bored.


Flexible vacation and 9 paid holidays are offered to encourage you to live a balanced life. Take time off when you need to for mental health, vacation, or volunteering.


Life isn't all about work. Enjoy the flexibility to run errands, schedule appointments, or help your church community during the work day. Lean into the perks of remote work with an autonomous environment.


We want you to try out new skills, get out of your comfort zone, and grow professionally. You'll receive mentorship and accountability to support ongoing learning.


You don't have to put your faith on a shelf at ChurchSpring. We share praise and prayer requests in weekly meetings, encourage each other in the Word, and create an environment where you can actively live out your faith.

Our team is global

We are proud to have people that work and have joined us from around the world.

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