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Your complete, no-stress mobile church app solution

Every ChurchSpring plan comes with a free mobile church app to help members stay connected to your ministry and church leaders to quickly manage members on the go. Gone are the days of updating content in multiple areas. The app for churches is effortlessly integrated with your ChurchSpring website.

Top Features & Benefits

Free + Fast + $0 Fees

Free with every plan for $0 cost. Launch instantly.

Custom Branding

Customize your church branding to instantly update on the app.

Mobile Giving

A Giving Platform is seamlessly integrated into the app.

Easy updates

Website updates automatically update on the app.

iOS + Android

Available free for all users in both the iOS and Android stores.

Fully Integrated

Instant integration with all of ChurchSpring's growth tools.

Universal Login

One login + password for your members to stay up-to-date.

Member Profiles

Personalized profiles custom to your fellowship.

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$ 180

Free + Fast Setup + $0 Fees

Instantly Launch Free With Zero Frustration

Set up your ChurchSpring church app as fast as you can blink. Setup is easy for all tech levels—no app development knowledge needed! And the icing on the cake? It’s included free with every ChurchSpring plan + no setup fees.

Custom Branding + Design

Save Time With Seamless Branding

No time-consuming DIY app here! Customize your church branding and design to instantly update on the app. Every design update you make on your website will instantly populate on the church app. 

Mobile Giving

Increase Gifts With An Integrated Giving Platform

ChurchSpring’s free Giving platform is integrated directly in the mobile church app making it easy for members to give on their phone. Each gift is directly linked to the member’s profile creating easy-to-read giving reports for administrations. 

Custom Member Profiles

Universal Access To Prevent Confusion

Members only have to remember one login to access their profile—whether online or on the app! Profiles are personalized to each member with easy access to the directory, groups, giving, prayer, and more.

It's special, but don't take our word for it!

See why churches all over the nation love ChurchSpring’s Mobile Church App.

Easy Updates

Uncomplicated, Instant Mobile Updates

Every design or mobile-connected feature updates you make on your website will be instantly updated on the app without you ever lifting a finger. With only one place to update, you can take back your time!

iOS + Android

Your Church App Is Ready To Download Free

The app for churches is available free for all users in the iOS and Android stores. Ready to download with just a tap. We take care of all the red tape logistics for you—say adios to worrying about updating your church app’s software or ensuring it complies with app policies. 

More Features

Every ChurchSpring plan comes with a free mobile church app. No strings attached!

ChurchSpring’s church app is 100% free with zero add-on fees.

Ready to go in 90 seconds flat.

Members can give wherever, whenever with a secure online giving portal integrated into your church mobile app.

Customize your church branding + design to instantly update on your app.​

Website updates automatically update on your mobile app.​

Available free to download in both the iOS and Android stores.

Instant integration with all of ChurchSpring’s growth + communication tools.​

Need help updating your church app? No problem, add as many admins as need.

Don’t get slapped on the wrist for a growing church! Add unlimited members for $0 cost.

Instant integration of your church’s member directory without you having to do a thing.

Members can quickly navigate groups right within the app—with no extra work for church leaders or setup cost.

Your church calendar is automatically updated from your website to your church app.

Every sermon audio uploaded to your website is instantly updated on your mobile app.

Just upload a sermon video to your website for it to seamlessly update on your mobile app!

Members can view live stream notifications and live events right on your app.

Prayer requests and management are integrated right into your church mobile app for members to easily access their prayer list and share requests.

Blogs published on your website are instantly updated on your church app. 

Update your leadership page on your website and enjoy instant updates on the app.

Receive gentle reminders when it’s time to update your church app in your app store for the best experience.

One login, one password for members to stay up-to-date.

Personalized profiles custom to your fellowship.​

Easy-to-use and created for members of all tech levels.

Don’t worry about your app getting hacked. All ChurchSpring tools are highly secure and financial gifts are encrypted, so you can sleep worry-free

Never be lost in the dark. Send unlimited support requests, get full access to human support, and gain confidence in your church app with a knowledge library.

Created specifically for the church to meet ministry’s specific needs.

Log in from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

No need to pay for a separate mobile app for your church. 

Common Questions

The app is included free in all ChurchSpring plans! Check out to compare plans.

You bet! The app will automatically pull your church logo from your website logo. It’s that easy!

It sure is! Members will simply need to select your church at setup to customize the app to your church.

You can’t; however, this is a way that we are able to help you save money! Since the app is provided by ChurchSpring, you do not have to develop and spend a ton of money and time on your own app. The app logo is a simple cross symbol.

With ChurchSpring’s full integration, you only have to upload your content to your church website for it to be automatically updated to your church app.

So much! Your app automatically syncs the latest sermons, upcoming events, blogs, online giving, member directory, giving, prayer, and live streaming.

We love this question! A church app is an application available to download on your smartphone. Apps are easy ways for members to stay in touch with your church instead of navigating to your website on the Internet.

No way! Our mission is to equip churches with the tools you need to spread the Gospel; we don’t want you to spend extra time on setting up an app. Your free church app is automatically set up as soon as you launch your website—in 90 seconds flat.

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