Introducing the ChurchSpring App!

Ready to increase communication with your members and manage your members on the go? Introducing the ChurchSpring App! Included FREE for life with a ChurchSpring website in every plan for a limited time. No extra cost, no setup fee. That’s how we like it.[truncate]

We know firsthand that inreach communication with your members is the lifeblood of your ministry. And one of the biggest challenges can be to effectively communicate with your members about upcoming events, small group launches, access to sermons, and discipleship tools.

Your members need a go-to place to stay connected that is easily accessible. And you, a church leader, need a tool that doesn’t cost money or take up extra time!

That’s why we’re excited to announce the My Church by ChurchSpring mobile app, so you can easily communicate to your church body and quickly manage your members on the go! The mobile app is included free in every plan for a limited time—new ChurchSpring customers can sign up now for any website plan to get instant access to the app.

Are you a current ChurchSpring customer? The My Church by ChurchSpring mobile app is included FREE in your ChurchSpring subscription! No new trial or add-on package required. Learn more about downloading your app here.

Here’s what you and your members will enjoy with your new My Church by ChurchSpring mobile church app:

  • No extra setup work for church leaders or volunteers—The app is directly integrated with your ChurchSpring website, so all updates you make on your website or church management system are immediately updated on your church app! Initial setup is easy and only takes a few minutes.
  • Easy for anybody to use—The app is mobile-friendly and ready to go for your church members of all tech skills! You can easily download the app for free on the Apple or Google Play Store.
  • Church leaders can manage your directory on the go—Get secure access to your Member Directory in the app! Enjoy one-click phone call availability, quickly email a member, or update their contact information with a tap of a button.
  • Members will enjoy easy access to important updates—Your church body can listen to sermons, give online, view upcoming events, and receive private access to the Directory…all from the powerful My Church by ChurchSpring mobile church app

The My Church by ChurchSpring mobile app is available FREE with a ChurchSpring website in every plan for a limited time! No extra cost, no setup fee. 

The mobile app is a part of your ChurchSpring subscription, so if you are a current or new ChurchSpring customer, the app is FREE and will be automatically added to your subscription!


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