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How to Freshen Up Your Church Website [Live Website Reviews] - CSL 027

What You'll Learn

Do you feel like your website is a bit stale but not sure what needs to improve? Feel stuck on how to best use your church website to accomplish your ministry goals this Christmas season? Remove the guesswork of how you can improve your church website!  

Tune into ChurchSpring Live, Episode 027 to learn practical tips that you can take to accomplish your #1 website goal. 

Jen and Isabelle review church websites LIVE and offer best practices to update your church website. You will leave with specific action items that you can immediately implement on your church website.

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Show Notes

  • Welcome to ChurchSpring Live Episode 027 - What to Expect & Announcements
  • Let's Learn: How to Freshen Up Your Church Website [Live Website Reviews] 
  • Action Item & Commitments: Update your website with at least one website best practice that we reviewed today
  • Wrap Up & Sneak Peek at Next Week

    Unsure where to find modern images for your church website? Don’t have a budget to purchase stunning images for church communications? Jen and Isabelle will share our top royalty-free images to use for your church website in ChurchSpring Live, Episode 028 at 10am Central Time, Thursday, December 3. Tune in for must-use image resources!


Watch each live stream on our Facebook Page, @gochurchspring. Watch previous ChurchSpring Live episodes here.

CSL 027 Transcript

...Coming Soon!

Published on Nov 20, 2020

by: Isabelle Faletti



This is the most user-friendly church website service I've ever seen! Great work guys.
Love the preset slider designs. This will save me so much time as I'm not a designer.
Fantastic! Our church calendar is so hard to manage. This is so much easier!
My site looks really sweet and has been very easy to edit. Thus far I think it might be the easiest-to-use as well as most-responsive website creator I've tried.
The editing feature is awesome! It is extremely intuitive. I signed up and was immediately managing my site without reading pages of instructions.
ChurchSpring is by far the easiest church website management system I have ever used. Thank you for providing such an incredible service.