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Church Management Software

A Centralized ChMS to Meet Your Church's Needs

ChurchSpring’s Church Management Software (ChMS) brings all the tools together you need to communicate with your members and guests. Lead, manage, and engage members with a fully-integrated directory, groups, note management, messaging, prayers, giving, and more.

Top Features & Benefits

Free + Fast Setup

Church Management is free + ready-to-go with a Flourish plan.

Unlimited Members

Add as many members needed at no extra cost.

Online + Mobile

Full access online or on your mobile church app.

Fully Integrated

Instant integration with all of ChurchSpring's growth tools.

All You Need

Includes Giving + People + Groups + Messaging + more!

Access Anywhere

Log in from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Universal Login

One login, one password to care for your members in one place.

Secure by Default

Rest easy, all information is highly secure and encrypted.

Unlimited Members

Don't Get Billed For Your Church's Growth

Are you experiencing church growth? Praise God! Add unlimited members at any time at $0 upgrade cost. No charge for adding members, families, or groups. 

Joe Henderson (555) 555-5555 Member since 04/12/2022
Jenna Williams (555) 555-5555 Member since 04/12/2022
Steven Harrison (555) 555-5555 Member since 10/21/2022
: 240
$ 180

Fast Setup + No Setup Fees

An Effortless, Lightning-Fast Launch

No need to read through a confusing manual to set up this church management software. Setup is easy for all tech levels, and you won’t find any annoying setup fees. It’s the full package to scale with your church’s growth and communication needs and your budget.

Fully Integrated

Universal Access to Manage Members

Say goodbye to your billions of open tabs to login into your church communication tools. Only one login to fully access your church management software, website, directory, giving, prayer, and more.

Fully Functional

A Unified Platform At No Extra Cost

Get instant access to all the tools you need to disciple, encourage, and manage your members. The scalable platform includes integrated Giving, People, Groups, Messaging, and so much more. 

Online + Mobile

Full Access On Your Favorite Device

Enjoy the freedom to access your church management software on your go-to device. Login on your desktop, tablet, or mobile church app for full access. Quickly add notes, update a prayer request, or manage contact information with ease.

Access Anywhere

Login From Anywhere On The Planet

Church leaders and members can log in anywhere your ministry takes you. Keep up with your fellowship, send out communications, and make important updates from the beach to the mountains.

Universal Login

Say Goodbye To Those Passwords You Forget

No need to remember a new password for every online church tool. Those days are gone! Enjoy one universal login to access every single ChurchSpring growth and communication tool.

Secure by Default

Worry-Free, Powerfully Secure

You may throw the occasional crazy-sock party, but you don’t mess around with privacy. ChurchSpring’s church management software is highly secure, so you can focus on your ministry. All financial gifts and important information are automatically encrypted.

More Features

What you see is what you get. No hidden costs to launch your ChMS.

Log in from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Enjoy easy, no-stress setup. Launch with just the click of a few buttons.

Members can give wherever, whenever with a secure online giving portal integrated with your church website and church mobile app. They can set up one-time or recurring gifts, access giving reports, and select a giving category.

Centralized, always up-to-date contact management system.

Have a team of volunteers or staff who need access? No problem, add as many users as you would like.

Change the permission status for admins based on what you want them to have access to update.

Never be lost in the dark. Send unlimited support requests, get full access to human support, and gain confidence in your church communication tools with a knowledge library.

Don’t get slapped on the wrist for a growing church! Add unlimited members for $0 cost.

Add private notes on a member’s profile, so other church leaders can respond and always be up-to-date on conversations and life events.

Don’t worry about your website and communication tools getting hacked. All ChurchSpring tools are automatically highly secure and financial gifts are encrypted, so you can sleep worry-free.

Members and church leaders can login to the church directory online or on the church mobile app.

Member profiles are automatically updated based on their actions and admin updates.

Encourage deep community with a unified groups platform. Set up custom groups to increase communication with your members.

Coming Soon – Increase member engagement with unified messaging. Send an email and text notification to keep your members in a specific group up to date.

Stay connected with members at home or on the go. Free with every plan and integrated with your church website + no set up fee!

Manage your members and visitors. Church leadership receive alerts for birthdays and baptisms, while your church can securely access contact information.

Easily share + track your prayer requests and praises.

Create as many groups as you need at $0 cost.

Login in one place to access all you need to communicate to and manage your members. No more 3rd party platforms!

Create a private group only visible to specific individuals by invite or a public group for the entire church to join.

Quickly add events specifically linked to a group.

Members of a group can view and access a shared directory for instant contact information.

Each group includes a micro-website to communicate the group’s goals, missions, and FAQs.

Easily tag groups, so members can quickly locate and join a group.

Easily see giving trends of a specific member in the directory.

Only accessible by members you give access to—completely private and secure for your fellowship.

Instant integration with all of ChurchSpring’s growth and communication tools that talk to each other.

Common Questions

You can get all the bells and whistles of the church management software in the Flourish Plan. You can learn more about our plan options here.

Giving is free with every website plan + $0 add-on fees! The credit card processing fee is 2.9% of the donation plus a .30 per transaction fee. ChurchSpring doesn’t add any additional fees.

Pass the queso, yes mobile church app is free with every website plan! No strings attached. Providing a free church app is just one way that we aim to support the church to reach the lost and equip disciples.


Are you ready for some good news? Admins and members only have to login to one place to access every growth and communication tool! Yup, just login at one location to manage your directory, Giving, website, prayer, and more!

You sure can! You can quickly send email messages or text messages (coming soon) right within your church management software. Send emails to all members or groups.

A ChMs is a group of powerful tools designed to help churches organize and communicate to their members in one location. ChurchSpring’s integrated ChMs features include Giving, People, Prayer, Messaging, Promote, Mobile App, and more! You can view our full plan comparison here.

You bet! Admins with specific access to add internal notes to a member. They can also see an individual member’s prayer requests, giving history, family, groups, needs, contact information, and more.

Not to worry! While we are fully confident you will be able to easily set up the church management software, we have an amazing team of customer success specialists, a full knowledge library, and live trainings ready to help you get unstuck.


It's special, but don't take our word for it!

See why churches all over the nation love ChurchSpring.

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