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Ready to increase online giving and grow your church? Tired of having to deal with clunky giving platforms or online giving tools that weren’t created for the church? Connect with generous members to increase giving with ChurchSpring Giving!  [truncate]

Online giving is a vital aspect of your church. But complicated giving integrations, expensive setup fees, or annoying report errors can be a drain on your church budget and suck up your precious time.

You need a giving provider that is easy to set up, offers VIP customer support, and doesn’t charge extra fees to integrate with your website.

That’s why we’re excited to announce ChurchSpring Giving to increase giving on your church website…just in time for Easter! Coming soon in April.

ChurchSpring Giving is an online giving platform available FREE with a ChurchSpring website in every plan for a limited time.

No setup cost.

Easy 90-second setup. 

FREE with all plans.

Are you a current ChurchSpring customer? ChurchSpring Giving is included FREE in your ChurchSpring subscription! No new trial or add-on package is required. Keep an eye out for notifications on how to set up ChurchSpring Giving right in your website.

ChurchSpring Giving is loaded with all the tools you need to manage generous gifts

  • Free giving provider – Yeah, you read that right! Giving is included FREE with every website plan. No add-on fee. We researched for many late nights and drank an unhealthy amount of coffee to figure out how we can give the church a free giving provider. Your members will have the opportunity to cover the required 2.9% credit card online payment processing fee + $0.30 for each transaction.

  • Easy 90-second setup – No need to wait days to set up your giving and miss out on generous gifts. As soon as you sign up for a church website, your website and Giving Platform are ready to go in 90 seconds fast! Simply create or connect your Stripe account, and you’re all set.
  • No clunky 3rd party plugin – Enjoy instant Giving integration with your church website. Forget needing to shell out more money to set up giving. There’s no setup cost, and your Giving platform is ready-to-go in your website!

  • Giving Dashboard – Track online and in-person gifts, view giving reports and trends at a glance, track your recent deposits, add notes to recent transactions, and more in the easy-to-navigate Giving Dashboard.
  • Automatic Deposits – Don’t worry about forgetting to transfer your online gifts to your church bank account. Enjoy automation deposits from your ChurchSpring Giving to your bank account every two days.
  • Online Fees Support – Allow members to support your church and cover the credit card online payment processer fees (2.9% credit card online payment processing fee + $0.30 for each transaction)
  • VIP Customer Support – Get full access to Customer Success Specialists whenever you have a question or get stuck! Choose from phone, email, video chat, or group training to become confident in using ChurchSpring Giving.

ChurchSpring Giving is available FREE with a ChurchSpring website in every plan for a limited time! No extra cost, no setup fee. ChurchSpring Giving is a part of any ChurchSpring subscription, so if you are a current or new ChurchSpring customer, Giving is FREE and will be automatically added to your subscription.

Sign up now to get exclusive first access when ChurchSpring Giving launches in April.


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