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CSL 010 - The #1 Most Underutilized Feature of your Church Website

Welcome to ChurchSpring Live, Episode 010!

What You'll Learn

“I had no idea! I didn’t hear about that church update!” ...Sound familiar? 

If communicating to your church members is one of your top priorities, you don’t want to miss this ChurchSpring Live episode 10! Learn about the #1 most underutilized features of your church website and how you can start using it today to effectively communicate to your church members.

Tune into ChurchSpring Live, Episode 10 to learn practical methods to increase communication with your church. Rohn and Isabelle will share easy-to-use tips and tools to help you close the communication gap with your church members. You don’t want to miss this! 

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Helpful Resources

  • Content ideas to use on your church website blog
    • Announcements
    • Weekly Encouragements
    • Ministry Spotlights
    • Community Partners
    • Sermon highlights/notes
    • A biblical perspective on current events
  • Marketing and communication strategies to notify members of your blog
    •  Share on your church's social media channels
    • Email newsletter
    • Update an in-service announcement slide
    • Update your church website with a home page slider that links to the blog article
  • How to create a blog article on your ChurchSpring website
  • How to change your ChurchSpring website design for free and in 3 steps!
  • Attend a free ChurchSpring demo webinar—our founders, Mike and Rohn, will take you behind-the-scenes of ChurchSpring and answer many frequently-asked-questions. Sign up at churchspring.com/demo.
  • Try out ChurchSpring for free at churchspring.com/trial

Show Notes

  • Welcome to ChurchSpring Live Episode 010 - what to expect
  • Let's Learn!
    • What is the #1 most underutilized feature on my church website that I should be using to increase communication with my existing members?
    • Why is a blog important to have on my church website?
    • How can I add a blog to my church website?
    • What type of content should I add to my blog?
    • How do I maintain my church website blog?
    • How do I ensure my church members engage with my blog?
  • Action Time!
    • #1: Add a blog to your website
    • #2: Start posting to your blog on a weekly basis
  • New ChurchSpring Feature Highlight: We just launched a new design called Moses! This is a great fit for a traditional church and features a clean, structured look with a popular white border accent. Check out different designs you have full access to in your ChurchSpring website at churchspring.com/designs
  • Q&A
  • Wrap Up: Join us next week for ChurchSpring Live, Episode 11. We’ll share the basics of live streaming and how you can live stream your services with zero budget. 


Watch each live stream at 10am Central Time, Thursdays on our Facebook Page, @gochurchspring.


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Published on Jul 24, 2020

by: Isabelle Faletti



This is the most user-friendly church website service I've ever seen! Great work guys.
Love the preset slider designs. This will save me so much time as I'm not a designer.
Fantastic! Our church calendar is so hard to manage. This is so much easier!
My site looks really sweet and has been very easy to edit. Thus far I think it might be the easiest-to-use as well as most-responsive website creator I've tried.
The editing feature is awesome! It is extremely intuitive. I signed up and was immediately managing my site without reading pages of instructions.
ChurchSpring is by far the easiest church website management system I have ever used. Thank you for providing such an incredible service.