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HTTPS and Unsecured Site Messages

Are you seeing an alert like this on your site?

Site security has been a topic of discussion for years. Until recently, the norm was that only banking institutions and shopping sites were secured through HTTPS/SSL connections. That trend is changing.

In the past couple years, major players in the web browser world (including Google Chrome and Apple Safari) have been pushing for a more secure internet. In an effort to push this agenda forward, they have made some updates this year to their browsers to include a notification that displays when a user visits or logs-in to an unsecured site. Now, when you log-in to your church website, you may see a message like the one above.

This doesn't mean that at ChurchSpring we aren't taking security seriously! It just means that we are not currently using secure certificates or HTTPS connections for all pages on our sites currently.

We can assure you, site security is very important to us. We have encrypted all user data and have secured giving and credit card update forms throughout each site.

Change is coming!

For the past several months, we have been working on bringing secured certificates (HTTPS connections) to all of our ChurchSpring customers. While we currently don't have an estimate on the delivery for this feature, rest assured that when we roll it out, it will meet all the requirements and specifications put forth by Google and the other major players.

Published on Jul 25, 2018

by: Mike Kurrle