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How To Submit A Support Ticket

When you signed-up for your ChurchSpring website, our team didn't simply disappear and leave you on your own! The support ticket section is something you may never need, but it’s nice to know that you can reach us if you ever have an issue that you can’t figure out!

No question is too big or too small! Clicking on the word “Support Tickets” in your Settings will open this section for you. You will see a box to your right with the words “Create Ticket.” If you desire to contact us, this is the best way! Fill-in the boxes requesting the ticket subject and the ticket description.

When you write-up the issue you are experiencing, please be as detailed as possible - the more details you can give us, the better chance we have at pinpointing the issue! As a Admin user, the name that is used for your account is the name that we will see on the support ticket. So, if your account name is “Robert” and you prefer to be called “Billy,” feel free to sign your name after you type the description of your question.

You may be wondering, “What happens when I send a support ticket?”

Once you click “Submit Ticket,” your personal email will receive this notification:

Thank you for submitting your support ticket. We have received it, and our support team will respond as soon as possible. You will be able to track the history of this ticket in the settings area of your church's website.

Each time you send or receive any correspondence through the support ticket system, you will get a confirmation email. Note: You will not be able to answer the support ticket email notification through your personal email. Instead, you will want to open the ticket section in your settings, and respond by clicking the little chat bubble.

Support tickets are another area where multiple admins come in handy! If any of the users have a question, they can send their own support ticket and receive an answer directed back to them. No waiting for one person to send and receive your support ticket question.

Our support ticket system is setup so that our ChurchSpring team can have access to every ticket our ChurchSpring family submits. This allows for us to communicate clearly as a team. Your support questions are important to us, and we give them priority rating!

Published on Aug 29, 2018

by: Jen Hockema