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How to Create a Blog

Some people would say that a blog is a must for a great church website. ChurchSpring has designed your website to contain a blog, but you get to decide how to utilize it! Let’s take a tour of the ChurchSpring blog section...

  • Once you are logged-in to your site, click on the word “Blog” in your navigation bar. This will open the main blog page which will eventually display all of your posts.

  • Feel free to personalize the opening paragraph - let guests know what to expect in this area.
  • Click on the button that says Add Blog Post and you will see a new box open for your post. There are only three parts: Image, Title, and Text box.

  • Once you have completed filling-in your information, don’t forget to hit save!

Perhaps your church leadership is not interested in pursuing the idea of a blog. Not to worry - there are other ideas for this format. Calling your blog “Updates” opens the door for much variety in the blog-section of your website. Here are a few suggested page ideas:

  • Pastor’s Monthly Sermon Series Article
  • Book reviews for the whole family
  • Photos and an article about the latest church event
  • Weekly Church Bulletin
  • Monthly Nursery Schedule
  • Ministry program leadership update post

The ideas for using your blog section could be endless - think “outside the blog” and create something great!

Want to learn tips and strategies to use your church website blog to effectively communicate to your church members?

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Published on May 16, 2018

by: Jen Hockema