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How To Add Your Church Logo

Adding your logo to your new church website is a great touch to reinforce your ministries brand and can be accomplished in less than 90 seconds! Take a moment to add your logo now by following these simple instructions!

  • Hover cursor over the church name at the top of the homepage and click the edit icon.
  • You have two choices: Text or Graphic. Click on “Graphic Logo.”
  • When the graphic logo window is open, click on “Upload Logo.” The logo file must be a .png file with a transparent background and dimensions of 65 pixels high by 300 pixels wide.
  • Go to the appropriate file on your computer and choose your logo by clicking on it twice, or selecting it and clicking “open.” The file will upload quickly and you will see it in the display box.
  • Hit “save” and you will see it immediately appear in the upper left of your website.

Loading a graphic logo is a best practice for churches, especially those with lengthy names. You will love the clean look of your personal logo!

Published on May 16, 2018

by: Jen Hockema