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How to Add Videos to Your Pages

Looking to add video to your pages?

You're in the right spot! The ChurchSpring Inline editor makes it simple. Here are the steps involved in getting a video player embedded on your pages:

1. Grab the video's embed code

Visit YouTube or Vimeo and copy the embed code for the video you want to insert. Usually you can copy the embed code by right clicking on the video and selecting the "copy embed code" option, or you can find it by clicking on the "Share" option.

2. Click the embed video icon on the Inline editor toolbar 

Navigate to the page in which you want to embed the video, and click the content area to edit it. When you do, you will see the editor toolbar show up above the content area. Click the icon shown below:

3. Paste the embed code

When you click the embed video icon, a window will popup with two options: 1) Link, 2) Embed. Click on the embed icon as shown below, and a field where you can paste the embed code will appear. Add the code, and click the "insert button." Your video player will show up in the content of your page.

4. Click save and you're done!

Scroll down to the bottom of the content area and click the save button. That's it!

If you have any questions about this process, please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket in the settings are of your church website.

Published on Sep 25, 2018

by: Mike Kurrle