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How To Add An Event to Your Church Website

A big part of your church website will be your events page! You will want to post any event happening at your church… from weekly activities to monthly or quarterly events.

  • When you are logged-in as admin to your site, you will see “Events” in your navigation bar. You have to freedom to edit this title if you wish (ie: Calendar).
  • To add an event, begin by clicking on “Events”  All events are added using the same format.
  • Once the Events page is open, you will see that a box that contains a paragraph with automated text. Feel free to edit the text to personalize it for your site.
  • Locate the Add Event button and click on it.

  • The box that opens is easy to navigate - simply type in the title of your event and its location (note the easy auto-insert when it is at the church location.)
  • When you go to type the event date, a calendar will open for you to select the exact day. Next to that box, you need to enter the starting time.
  • The box labeled “Repeat” is useful if your event happens at a regular time every week, month, or year.
    • Weekly repeat is helpful for events such as Sunday Morning Worship Service or a Wednesday night kids program.
    • Monthly (or yearly) repeat is great for creating the event in duplicate form - but you will need to go to each month and tweak the date. For instance, an event that happens on the second Tuesday of each month may be on the 8th in the month of May, but on the 12th in the month of June. So, after creating the event to repeat monthly and saving it, go to the next month’s event, change the date (or time, etc.) followed by selecting Repeat/Never, Save, and clicking “Edit this Event Only.”
    • If your event is on-going every day for a week (such as Vacation Bible School), you will need to make a daily event. It would also be helpful to post in the event title the total span of dates that the event runs (ie: Vacation Bible School May 27 - June 2.)
  • The text box at the bottom of the page gives you the opportunity to give as much information as you can about the event. You can also post links or encourage people to use your contact form to ask for more information.

Don't forget to load an image that represents your event accurately - this picture will also be the background of the actual event page. Keep in mind that most people are usually drawn to a visual before they read the text!

Published on May 16, 2018

by: Jen Hockema