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How to Add a Sermon to Your Church Website

Sermons are a great way to give visitors an up-close view of who you are. ChurchSpring has three options for loading a sermon onto your site - audio, YouTube or Vimeo! To load a video sermon on your ChurchSpring website, follow these steps:

  • Log-in to your ChurchSpring site.
  • Click on “Sermons” in the navigation bar.
  • Locate the “Add A Sermon” button on your left, and click.
  • A large gray box will open below the button. It will ask you to chose what kind of file you want to open: Audio, YouTube, or Vimeo. Click the video site you want.

  • Go to your video site and select the sermon video you want to load.
  • Click on “Share.” Vimeo will immediately show you the Embed Code:

  • Note that YouTube will need you to click on the word “Embed.”

  • For Vimeo, copy the embed code by highlighting it and using your keyboard copy function (Ctrl C). YouTube has a “copy” button at the bottom right of the embed video window that you can just click. NOTE: This is important - make sure it is the FULL embed code and not the link. Also, use your keyboard functions to Copy and Paste (Ctrl C and Ctrl V).
  • Return to your ChurchSpring site and paste the code into the Video Embed Code box using (Ctrl V).
  • Add the sermon title, date, and a sermon description on the following lines. (Note that in the date you have the option to delay the viewing of the sermon you are loading.)
  • Don't forget to add a photo from the Stock Library (or add a quality photo of your own).
  • Finally, hit "Save" and your sermon should be all set! You did it!
    Log-out of your Admin user privileges and check-out the newly loaded sermon!
Published on May 16, 2018

by: Jen Hockema