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How Long Before My New Church Website Shows Up In Google?

Can you see me now?

When you build a house in the woods without building a road that leads to it, how in the world will anyone get there? In the web world, the website is the house in the woods, and Google (and other search engines) is the road that leads to it.

The good news about ChurchSpring websites, is that they are build from the ground up, not only with ministries in mind, but with Google in mind. What does that mean? That means that all of the code that we use to create your church website tastes like yummy candy to Google. As a result ChurchSpring websites do very well in search engine results!

How long before my new church website shows up in Google?

We've typically seen ChurchSpring church websites start to show up in search engine results anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. If your site was popular before you moved it to ChurchSpring, then you will probably see quicker results than sites that are brand new to the web.

Published on Mar 28, 2019

by: Mike Kurrle