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    5 Tips to Prepare Your Church Website for the Holidays

    Prep the turkey, belt out a few Christmas carols, the holidays are here!Thanksgiving and Christmas offer a special opportunity to use your church website to increase giving, grow your church, and communicate effectively with your fellowship.
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    Top Free Image Resources For Your Church Website - CSL 028

    What You'll LearnUnsure where to find stunning Christmas images for your church website? Don’t have a budget to purchase stock images for church communications? Tired of spending time searching for the perfect photo?Tune into ChurchSpring Live, Episode 028 for top FREE image resources for your church website. 
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    4 Powerful Tips to Grow Your Church with Facebook Ads - CSL 021

    What You'll LearnEver been curious about how you can use Facebook ads to grow your church? Unsure how to even start a Facebook advertising campaign? With over 80% of Americans on Facebook, the social platform offers a powerful opportunity to reach your community and invite guests to your church.
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    CSL 016 - Top 5 Ways to Prepare Your Church for Christmas

    What You'll LearnIs your church ready for the holidays? Are you overwhelmed thinking through all you need to do to prepare your church communications for Christmas? It’s not too soon to prepare for the holidays! Tune into ChurchSpring Live, Episode 016 for the top five ways you can effectively prepare your church for Christmas.
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    CSL 015 - All You Need to Know to Set Up a Professional Live Stream for Your Church

    Have you wondered how to set up a professional live stream for your church service? If you help manage communications and want to invest in a professional live stream production, you don’t want to miss this ChurchSpring Live! Live Streaming Expert and MediaNet AV Owner Zac Novak joins us in a special episode of ChurchSpring Live 
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    CSL 012 - Must-Have Tools You Need to Take your Live Stream Up a Notch on a Limited Budget

    Welcome to ChurchSpring Live, Episode 012!What You'll LearnAre you stuck on how to improve your live stream to better connect with your church members virtually? Unsure which tools are available to live stream your services on a limited budget?
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    CSL 011 - Learn to Live Stream your Church Services on Zero Budget and No Technical Skills

    Welcome to ChurchSpring Live, Episode 011!What You'll LearnAre you confused trying to figure out how to live stream your church services? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to pandemic proof your ministry?With COVID-19 impacting your in-person gatherings, live streaming your services has never been more important.
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    CSL 010 - The #1 Most Underutilized Feature of your Church Website

    Welcome to ChurchSpring Live, Episode 010!What You'll LearnIf communicating to your church members is one of your top priorities, you don’t want to miss this episode! Learn about the #1 most underutilized feature of your church website and how you can start using it today to effectively communicate to your church members.Watch NowHelpful Resources How to create a blog article on your ChurchSpring websiteAttend a free ChurchSpring demo webinar—our founders, Mike and Rohn, will take you behind-the-scenes of ChurchSpring and answer many frequently-asked-questions. Sign up at churchspring.com/demo.Try out ChurchSpring for free at churchspring.com/trialShow NotesWelcome to ChurchSpring Live Episode 010 - What…
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    CSL 007 - How can I use Social Media to Grow my Church? Tips and Strategies to Manage your Church’s Social Presence.

    Welcome to ChurchSpring Live, Episode 007!What You'll LearnAre you successfully using social media to grow your church? Overwhelmed with how to use social media to communicate to your church members?  
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    How to Use Social Media to Increase Church Communications

    Social media for your church should be an extension of your ministry; another branch of your welcome committee, community outreach, volunteer team, and prayer warriors. Church communication on social media can be done eloquently and thoughtfully.
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