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    CSL 010 - The #1 Most Underutilized Feature of your Church Website

    Welcome to ChurchSpring Live, Episode 010!What You'll LearnIf communicating to your church members is one of your top priorities, you don’t want to miss this episode! Learn about the #1 most underutilized feature of your church website and how you can start using it today to effectively communicate to your church members.Watch NowHelpful Resources How to create a blog article on your ChurchSpring websiteAttend a free ChurchSpring demo webinar—our founders, Mike and Rohn, will take you behind-the-scenes of ChurchSpring and answer many frequently-asked-questions. Sign up at churchspring.com/demo.Try out ChurchSpring for free at churchspring.com/trialShow NotesWelcome to ChurchSpring Live Episode 010 - What…
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