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    How Can Churches Use Google Ads to Reach Your Community? - CSL 023

    Ever feel like you are missing a key piece of the puzzle to reach your community in our digital world? Curious how you can drive traffic to your church website with Google Ads? Peder and Isabelle unveil the mystery of Google Ads in this must-watch episode!
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    How to Create Facebook Ads for your Church: A Step-by-Step Guide - CSL 022

    What You'll Learn Ready to promote your church with Facebook ads but confused how to actually create a Facebook ad? Have questions about how to know if your ads are successful? Ads can feel like a black hole if you don’t have a trail guide to help you navigate, so attend this live event to uncover the mystery of Facebook ads!
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    4 Powerful Tips to Grow Your Church with Facebook Ads - CSL 021

    What You'll LearnEver been curious about how you can use Facebook ads to grow your church? Unsure how to even start a Facebook advertising campaign? With over 80% of Americans on Facebook, the social platform offers a powerful opportunity to reach your community and invite guests to your church.
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    CSL 016 - Top 5 Ways to Prepare Your Church for Christmas

    What You'll LearnIs your church ready for the holidays? Are you overwhelmed thinking through all you need to do to prepare your church communications for Christmas? It’s not too soon to prepare for the holidays! Tune into ChurchSpring Live, Episode 016 for the top five ways you can effectively prepare your church for Christmas.
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