How to Use Social Media to Increase Church Communications

Social media for your church should be an extension of your ministry; another branch of your welcome committee, community outreach, volunteer team, and prayer warriors. Church communication on social media can be done eloquently and thoughtfully.[truncate]You only have a few hours each week to remind your congregation of important dates and events, so social media provides a bridge throughout the week between your church and members.

Sermon Media

If you have a podcast or video rewatch from Sunday sermons, immediately post it on your social media channels. Post the media as soon as it’s up and use engaging call to action phrases such as:

  • In case you missed it, listen/watch to this week’s sermon!
  • Plug in this podcast for your commute to and from work.
  • What was your takeaway from this week’s sermon? Listen here.
  • Need to be encouraged in your faith? Listen to this week’s sermon.

If you have an archive of sermons, dig up old podcasts or videos for news events or upcoming holidays. Analyze the most watched or downloaded sermon and share it with your online community.

Church Announcements

Each Sunday, your paper announcements joins the bulletin graveyard: slid between pages of the Bible, tossed in the car backseat, or crumpled in the trash. If it does make it home to the fridge or counter, life happens and what was once important, soon fades or physically gets covered.

Post your weekly announcements on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Create engaging images with important dates or keywords to grab your followers’ attention. People act the quickly when given a short deadline so post the day before or day of with urgency about an upcoming deadline for a getaway or event.

Have fun with your communication! If you need volunteers, shoot a quick video or do a Livestream asking people to get involved. Get your Instagram followers to interact with you by conducting a poll on Instagram Stories for two cookie choices at an upcoming women’s event or new church start times.


Post images on social media for two specific audiences:

  1. Visitors: Accommodating your visitors begins before they enter the church building. Post pictures of the outside of your church, inside the building, main entryway, visitor check-in, and of your congregation to give visitors a glimpse into your church culture and layout. They can then decide what to wear, see the general layout, and get a sense for your worship culture. A visual of your building and congregation helps your visitors feel at ease and less anxious about attending a new church.
  2. Congregation: Post photos to increase engagement and feelings of connectedness with your congregation. Plus, you can use images to encourage church members to attend new or ongoing events and small groups. When people notice others partaking in social gatherings, they often don’t want to miss out. And they’ll see it’s not as socially stressful as they may have thought! Share photo updates of Fall Festivals, baptisms, coffee social hour before church, or small groups.

Worship Set or Scripture Lists

Continue the spiritual encouragement throughout the week by sharing worship set lists or key scriptures from the sermon. Create an image with the worship or scripture list to make it easy for followers to share on their personal platforms.

Go an extra step and share a YouTube video to a worship song from Sunday to kick off the work week. Bonus points if you have a Spotify worship playlist to share on social media!

Let us know how you use social media platforms for church communication! Comment below.

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