Calvary, Another Stunning Mobile-Friendly Church Website Design

What could a crusty hymn-writer from the 1700’s have to say about our church website design gallery? You might be surprised! [truncate]

“Variety is the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor”
— William Cowper, The Task 1785

Variety in church website design is exactly what the ChurchSpring designers have created for you! We offer multiple choices for your church website, and our assortment just got better!

ChurchSpring is pleased to present our newest church website design called “Calvary.” The style and colors in our new design reflect a more traditional motif that brings with it a time-tested and stable feel of Sola Scriptura. The rich hues of bronze are accented by the warm, pre-set color palette.

An additional bonus in “Calvary” are the two beautiful new background images. These pre-set gallery images complete the style and composition giving you a complete package. Color, imagery, and arrangement all speak of original craftsmanship.

Remember, that along with all of our designs, the “Calvary” church website design contains all the features you need to set-up your church website including:

  • Home Page
  • Home Page Sliders
  • Sub Pages
  • Blog
  • Events Page
  • Contact Page
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multiple Page Formats
  • Premium Slider Templates
  • And so much more that you can see here!

It is important that your church website accurately reflects your church body and ministry. A design gallery full of “the very spice of life” (a.k.a. variety) offers you great success in this area.

(By the way, if you want to read more on William Cowper – author of well-known old hymn “There is A Fountain” – you can read his interesting biography here.)

Take a look at the new “Calvary” church website design for yourself. We think you will agree that the classic yet warm artistry is perfect for churches that love a more traditional look.

If you are not a ChurchSpring partner and would like to know how you can have a church website design as beautiful as “Calvary,” check-out our webinar demo by clicking here. Don’t waste another day in pain and frustration over a disappointing website. Let us show you how easy and beautiful your church website can be!

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