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How To Use the Social Media Buttons

There’s no doubt about it… the world today communicates through social media channels - - and so should your church!

ChurchSpring has made it easy for you and your church members to share events, sermons, or even a church blog post to social media. You will find that four, digital media sharing buttons automatically appear on the left side of your website screen for every event, sermon, or blog page. All you need to do is to click, and share!

Here’s how…


The top social media button allows you to post to facebook through your own account.

Once you have entered your account information, you can add a comment to the post you are sharing.


Another popular place people follow is Twitter. Share what's going on at your church by signing-in and tweeting!

Google Plus

Posting to Google Plus takes just a few steps, the first of which is signing-in to your account.

Once you have gone through this process, you will click the button to re-open Google Plus and post!


Even if a church member does not participate in any type of social media, they almost always have email! Clicking the little envelope at the bottom of the bar will open a window allowing one to share an event, sermon, or blog article with a friend!

Encourage your members to use these handy buttons to share your events, sermons, or blog posts! Not only will word spread about your church, but traffic will increase back to your website as people follow the links. Use this great tool to help spread the Good News!

Published on Aug 31, 2018

by: Jen Hockema



My site looks really sweet and has been very easy to edit. Thus far I think it might be the easiest-to-use as well as most-responsive website creator I've tried.
Ryan Franchuk
Pastor, Christ Fellowship, SD
ChurchSpring is by far the easiest church website management system I have ever used. Thank you for providing such an incredible service.
Randy Hockema
Lena Baptist Church